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© 2018  BODYMINDWORK  |  Roberta Colombano  |  KvK 57608792   |  All rights reserved

E-mail:  info@bodymindwork.org  |  Phone: +31 (0) 638225160 

I facilitate a process of transformation through Existential Life Coaching, which is a practice of changing awareness and behaviour in your life.

I can personally help with:
  • Cultural differences, isolation, transitions;

  • Dealing with your emotions;

  • Stress management and burn out rehabilitation;

  • Understanding your own behaviour;

  • Feelings of insecurity, blame, guilty,shame and feeling lost;

  • When everybody is asking for your attention;

  • Keep hanging in working or personal situations that are not serving you anymore;

  • Taking care of your self and connect more with your body and emotions.


And you will learn the tools to create:

  • Sense of harmony, calm and focus;

  • Direct and indirect communication with self and others;

  • Balance in the different areas of your life, for example to have a healthy life-work balance;

  • Boundaries and acceptance for other`s people opinion.

​The goal of existential approach is to help you to develop a more authentic way of living. This means that you are encouraged to become more aware of your actual existence, exploring and questioning your options, living more in accordance with your own values and shaping your environment in a manner that is a better fit with your authentic self.

You are encouraged to acknowledge both your freedom and responsibility and to behave accordingly, and you are encouraged not only to explore your own needs, feelings and longings, but also those of others.

During the session, we will talk about your intention and your needs and we will evaluate together the following steps. Each time you will receive assignments and exercises to do before the next session, therefore your full commitment is fundamental. 

In combination with Existential Life Coaching techniques, I will use mainly two methodologies that allow you to get in touch with your own body and to give space to every part of you in a compassionate way.

Focusing is a skill that everyone has but it needs to be trained as we forget when we grow up: we "unlearn" how to listen to the unconscious and the body is a vessel to get all the answers we need to give compassion to ourselves and the others and to unfold our full potential.
Focusing is a handy tool to use in our daily life, as soon as a specific situation requires us to stop for a moment and make a choice:
"How do I decide to behave now?"
"What do I really need right now?"


The key of this approach is to listen without judgment and welcome everything needs to be expressed: healing also means to ease an emotional distress and the emphatic listening is a very powerful way to give yourself compassion.​

The second methodology that I use in combination with Focusing is called Life Alignment where the higher frequencies of energy are used to create balance in your being. Through a journey that it is different every time, you will be asked to get in touch to your body "felt sense" and from that point you will be able to make a choice and to  visualize specific situations, depending on what the body is offering you in that moment.

My presence will help you to feel trust and comfortable to embark on this journey of discovery and self-love.

I work both with men and women as my dream is to live in a community where understanding, respect and love are the pillars.

You can read my bio and feel if my personal and working  experience resonates with you or if you could be inspired to transform your life.