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A journey of 7 weeks into more awareness of your body and self-connection.

Each evening is focused on one Chakra and we will dive into exercises to allow energy flow, learn practical tools to use on a daily basis, get to know our bodies with self-massage and calm our nervous system through breathing & meditation techniques.

The approach used during this course is the Experiential Learning which is a methodology to allow you to learn by experiencing, sensing in your body and sharing within the group. You will have the chance to learn the “theory” and apply it into your life through simple movements and quiet moments surrounded by healing music.

You are welcome to join me on 9th October for a introduction class of the course, to know each other, do some exercises and to answer to your doubts and curiosity.
Tools used during this weekly workshop are Qi-gong, Conscious Dance, Somatic movements, Positive Psychology, Taoist meditation techniques, Focusing, etc.


Here you can read the full program:

Week 1 – Root Chakra 
➢ Warm up exercises;
➢ Self-massage for the feet and legs;
➢ Qi-gong and grounding exercises;
➢ Focusing meditation to listen to your own needs 

Material to bring:  
A picture that represents beauty. It could be nature, painting, art, object, people, etc.
What’s beauty for you? 
Week 2 – Sacral Chakra 
➢ Warm up exercises;
➢ Self-massage for the belly;
➢ Pelvic floor breathing meditation (Taoist style);
➢ Visualization techniques; 

Material to bring:  
An object that makes you feel different when you touch or hold in your hands;

Bring with you the answer of this question: “Which hidden qualities and desires do I have?” (the answer will not be shared in the group so feel free to dive into this question and be very honest towards yourself) 
Week 3 – Solar Plexus Chakra 
➢ Warm up exercises;
➢ Ba Duan Jin stretches;
➢ Theatre practice; 

Material to bring: 
A short story (max 3 minutes) of something that you like very much or something important in your professional or personal life. I would suggest to think of something simple, like telling a story how to make a chocolate cake or about your class at a yoga school or gym. Of course, sense in your body what you feel comfortable to share with the group.  You can tell it in your own mother tongue. 
Week 4 – Heart Chakra 
➢ Warm up exercises;
➢ Loi kroh Thai Yoga stretches;
➢ Conscious Touch;
➢ Heart Meditation; 

Material to bring: 
What are you grateful for?
Write one or two sentences of a situation, object or person who makes you feel gratitude in your body.  
Week 5 – Throat Chakra 
➢ Warm up exercises;
➢ Relaxation exercises for face, head and neck;
➢ Active listening exercise; 

Material to bring: 
To be decided during the course 
Week 6 – Brow Chakra 
➢ Warm up exercises;
➢ Qi gong practice;
➢ Creative visualization technique;
➢ Breathing exercise; 

Material to bring: 
To be decided during the course 
Week 7 – Crown Chakra 
➢ Warm up exercises;
➢ Sound healing & Listening;
➢ Deep meditation technique. 

Material to bring: 
To be decided during the course 

The course will start on 30th October till 11th December (7 weeks) at the Zonnecirkel Yoga Studio in Lelystad at 20.15 till 21.30 (door opens at 20.00)

Admission: Eur 95

If the price does prevent you to join this training, do not hesitate to contact me to find the suitable solution for your needs.


Registration is done via Roberta at info@bodymindwork.org.