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SomaHolistic BodyWork

As each of you is different, each treatment is based on your own needs and it is a combination of holistic and therapeutic techniques. Every time you come for a session, there will be a short conversation to understand how you feel that day and how you can honor your needs.

My Treatments

Abdominal Massage
As concerns an emotional imbalance, it is important to massage the Abdomen as it is one of the centre in your body where there are many nerves (e.g. the vagus nerve) therefore the nervous systems is stimulated enough to start a self-healing process. According to the Chinese Medicine, the abdomen is an area of the body where most emotions are stuck and they need to be released energetically.

Spiritual Massage
Walking in Nature is a proper training to feel the connection between Mother Earth and the Universe and I am able to establish the same connection during my treatments. Therefore the pressure is light, allowing the universal energy to flow to release the blocked energy.

From a place of Love, I will ask that you could connect to your Spirit to make you feel more whole!

Vibrational wave treatment

It is suitable for everyone who needs to feel more connected with his/her own self, who feels tired and stressed, overwhelmed, sick, with physical disabilities.
In addiction to the bodywork techniques, I will use tools like  Crystals or Vortex cards to connect you to the higher frequency of energy.

Reiki for people and animals
It is a Japanese technique of energy healing and I usually use a very gentle physical touch. I  work both with people and animals  and when it is necessary it will be more an energetic touch to open up the Vortex Centres of your body.


Self-awareness treatment

If you wish to play a more active role in the treatment, I could guide you in all the steps of Focusing to facilitate a process of awareness of your bodily senses. When needed my touch would give more support in your internal journey.

My Background

My approach consists of setting the intention for your treatment and guiding you in a  “Clear your internal space” to allow yourself to set apart your thoughts and to be in touch with your own body.

On a physical level, I apply the knowledge of Trigger Points and Myofascial Release and I gently release the tension in the muscles. Thanks to my trainings of Reiki and Qi-gong, I am more sensitive and I trust my senses how to find the areas which need more attention.

I believe it is important to open up the body with a foot massage with MeridiansAcupressure and Metamorphic techniques to work on the spinal reflexes on the feet.

To create more space in your body, I usually apply OsteoThai and Sotai joints manipulation maneuvers. Besides that Rocking & Shaking the body enable relaxation of the muscles, calming the nervous system and opening up the joints.

Towards the end of the treatments, I usually perform a neck and head massage with Cranio Sacral approach, which is a subtle technique combined with energy work to reconnect your whole body on several levels.

Once the treatment is finished, I invite you to take your time to integrate your experience, therefore sit and focus your attention on your body and breath.

It is advisable to reserve some time after the session to avoid to rush to another appointment or commitment because walking is one of the best way to bring this experience in the outside world and it gives time to the nervous system to register the transformation in yourself.

Every time you feel stressed or overwhelmed, you will be able to bring the experience of self-connection back to you, by simply remembering what you felt during the session, allowing the feeling in the body and your nervous system will "play it back to you".

In my previous website, you can read more details about my experiences as healing artist.