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Denise and Roberta are inviting you to a retreat to relax, recharge and to give space to your needs and inner world.

It is not the emotion, thought, or belief that holds you in lower vibrations. It is your ability to express, feel, and see that allows you to live a life in high vibrations. It requires practice & self-compassion, and we are pleased to guide in our retreat through stillness and conscious movement.

All of this takes place in an authentic farmhouse at the countryside surrounded by a lush garden, nature with a view on the Alps in Piemonte, Italy.

In the group setup, we will explore practices like Yoga Nidra (meditation), Mindful movement, Stress release exercises, Journaling to allow a deeper connection to your own body and emotions in order to access to your inner wisdom.

There will be opportunity to receive individual sessions or holistic massage as well from Roberta and/or Denise on request.

All surrounded by the beautiful garden and nature of the authentic farmhouse on the countryside surrounded by the Alps at Piemonte in Italy.

Evening celebrations with campfire, a pasta workshop, cacao ceremony and Ecstatic dance as a guided nature walk in the Alps are included in the program.


Denise Harskamp is a qualified psycho-somatic therapist. She has a background as a certified IRest restorative yoga nidra teacher, Barbara Brennan Cellular Energy healing and a degree in General Medicine and Psychology. She combines all this bodywork-oriented methods with her sharp high sense perception and intuitive guidance to support clients in overcoming stress, anxiety, fear, anger or trauma.

IRest a modern day adaptation of the ancient meditative practice of Yoga Nidra and developed by clinical psychologist Richard Miller. In a 1:1 session the client is guided in a meditative & deep relaxing state from where a guided self-inquiry start of thoughts, beliefs, emotions or images that are present in the moment. Research shows that IRest effectively reduces PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. More on

Contact details: * * + 31 (0) 6 212 36700

She is a Somatic Bodyworker, i.e. she deals with people who perceive difficulties in life and helps the client to come into greater contact with the body and with the emotions through dialogue, movement and touch. Her intent is to promote well-being in you so that greater harmony is created between people, with a positive impact in the family and in our society. Roberta manages to create a safe space where you can talk about any topic and feel more rooted in the body, to value your qualities and to be able to express both anger and pain as well as joy and compassion.

He is a teacher of Focusing and a professional of Somatic Integration (Pantarei Approach) and during the individual sessions you will have the opportunity to learn who you are, to know your limits, to give space to any feelings, sensations and emotions that are ready to be " listened to” and learn to feel loving for yourself.
Roberta strongly believes in the value of teamwork and how people can become more aware when there is the possibility of listening from other participants, conscious movement and sharing in a safe space.

Contact details: * +31 (0) 638225160 *


Cascina Marie is a quiet place right before the mountains in North Italy. The town is named Bricherasio only 40km away from Turin.

Strada Avaro, 4

By airplane:
The closest airport is Torino Caselle. After that you could take a bus to the city centre of Torino (Torino Porta Susa or Porta Nuova) and take a train to Pinerolo.
By Train:
The closest train station is Pinerolo and there is a pickup service for Eur 5 from the train stationto the retreat centre.
By car:
Depending on where you come from, there are many ways to get to Cascina Marie. Please usethe google maps links to find your way:


Early Bird Eur 749,- until 30th of June 2023
Normal price Eur 799,-

The price includes:
* 7 days classes of Conscious Movement & Stillness
* Facilitated by qualified holistic therapists Roberta & Denise (Individual sessions and/or holistic massages on request)
* 6 nights in shared room with view on the garden & Dolomite Alps  (private room on request & extra charge)
* Lovely vegetarian Italian meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) under the grape vines  provided by Gastronomia Carru di Flavio Ferro
* all drinks (herbal tea, water) & healthy bites during the retreat

*          Guided Nature Walk to the Alps
*          Pasta workshop by Denise  (20 yrs private dining chef)

*          Cacao Ceremony
*          Evening Celebrations (campfire, ecstatic dance)

Booking conditions

To ensure your spot, a nonrefundable deposit of Eur 199,- is required.

In case of cancellation, the following guidelines will be applied:

Full refund till 30th July (excluded the deposit)
Refund of 50% till 30th August
No refund if you cancel in September unless someone can replace your spot.

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