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Chakra Harmony 

Through your body little miracles can happen.
The manifestation of your being thanks to physical exercises and conscious movement.
The sensing of your being thanks to the stillness of the meditation and breathing.

Chakra Harmony is my offer to you to discover new ways of moving, communicating with yourself and with the others and to sense the why of struggle in your life (for ex. emotional eating, stress, lack of confidence, etc.).

I am Roberta with Italian roots, warm heart and a Down to Earth approach to Spirituality.
I have been developing my unique methodology to work with the Chakras and it is a combination of different disciplines that I've been practicing for the last 10 years.

The course will be online via Zoom from 7th March every 2 weeks. We will start at 8.00 pm CET for 90 minutes class

Depending on your income, each class has a sliding scale between Eur 16 and 22. 
For the entire course, you can choose an amount between Eur 90 and 140

Maximum participants 10 so register soon to grant your spot!

Registration or more info:
Whatsapp 0031 638225160 or email

If you doubt whether join or not, let's schedule a call to answer to all your questions!

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