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Focusing Beginners Course

I have been offering Focusing in my individual coaching sessions and in 2021 I felt that I need to take a further step in my life and in this world.

It is time to share this technique on a larger scale because it enables you to get in touch with yourself in a very gentle way. You could read more about Focusing here.

I am certified Focusing teacher at the International Institute of New York and I offer online courses on a regular basis.

The complete course consists in 6 classes of 2h (bi-weekly), 6 individual sessions and 10 exchanges with the class mates.


After 5 exchanges with students, one lesson will be recorded and I will give a feedback to help you out during the learning process.

After few months of completing the course an extra workshop of 3 hours will be scheduled to deepen the practice of Focusing (e.g. inner child, addictions, anxiety, etc.).

Practical Information:

The cost of the course is Eur 480. You can pay the whole amount before starting the course or in three instalments of Eur 160 once a month.

This amount covers 12 hours evening lessons, 1 supervision, 1 workshop and the handout.

Each individual session is Eur 70 (in total Eur 420) because it is part of the training trajectory. 

If you wish to join the same course for the second time, the 6 lessons are free of charge. 

After completing the course, you will be able to meet other colleagues around the world and be registered at the International School of Focusing. Besides that, you will receive a certificate of Focusing Basic which will enable you to join other trainings and workshops.

If you want to get inspired, you can listen to the founder of Focusing E. Gendlin in Youtube

More information can be found at the International School website where you can find many articles also in other foreign languages.

The registration is only to get in touch with me as I would like to schedule a call to know you and to arrange a balanced group of students.

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