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Basic Course

A journey of 7 weeks into more awareness of your body and self-connection.

Each week is focused on one Chakra and we will dive into exercises to allow energy flow, learn practical tools to use on a daily basis, get to know our bodies with self-massage and calm our nervous system through breathing & meditation techniques.

The approach used during this course is the Experiential Learning which is a methodology to allow you to learn by experiencing, sensing in your body and sharing within the group. You will have the chance to learn the “theory” and apply it into your life through simple movements and quiet moments surrounded by healing music.

Tools used during this weekly workshop are Qi-gong, Conscious Dance, Somatic movements, Positive Psychology, Taoist meditation techniques, Focusing, etc.


"Roberta is a very gentle teacher, you just get 'zen' naturally by being in her chakra class. She connects with the group energy, listens what we as a group need and that enrols in an almost costume made teaching class, but this without loosing her own class routine/programme. It is all very in sync and that has a great effect on our going along well with each other as a group. Looking forward to start a new season with her"

Comprehensive Course

Existential Life Coaching meets the high vibrational energy

The in depth course is for whom wants to have a deeper understanding of the Chakra System through experiencing oneself thanks to a series of exercises. 

Therefore join me if you want to achive one of the following learning points:

  • to discover the meaning of a blocked, balanced or overactive chakra;

  • to dive into the personal, social, physical and spiritual dimensions of your life;

  • to meditate & sense your body without tension;

  • to move in a conscious way with more awareness of your movement;

  • to experience the power of the sacred circle.

The structure of the course is based on series of 2 evenings per each Chakra, which means that we will dive into the seven chakras’ for two weeks and some exercises will be provided between the two lessons.

Each Chakra can be taken separately and your presence is highly recommended for both evenings to fully experience the exercises and for the group itself.

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