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Ceremony Leader @ Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a form of Conscious Dance and it is a new way of experiencing the body, music and space, away from the chaos of the disco.
During the event the participants are invited to come together to share the energy of the dance in total freedom of expression and with respect for themselves and for others.

There are no rules but simple guidelines:
• You dance barefoot
• We communicate without words
• No substances or alcohol are used 

I am a Ceremony Leader in both Amsterdam and Torino, and I am in charge of creating a safe space for the dancers and of facilitating the warm up music and exercises before the DJ set. 

I invite the people to connect to their own bodies on a physical way through self-massage or slow movement to end up navigating the space while connecting to the other dancers through looking at each other, gentle touch and always without talking.

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