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The 4 physical elements in yourself:

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind

This is an experiential workshops to discover your ability to access intuition and creativity through the body and the knowledge of the elements of our planet.


Mindful movement, art composition, conscious dance, theatre and visualization techniques will activate the resilience and the resources in yourself to cope with the challenges that life offers. Experiential learning approach enable you to fully embody the knowledge of the tools used in our workshop.

The Elements:

EARTH element helps to see the inner and outside world with clarity as it shows us the hidden parts of ourselves. Through this connection we can ground to receive nourishment, to feel supported and to be centred all the times.

WATER has a healing quality as it helps to purify us and to cleanse. Creativity is enhanced when the obstacles are removed thanks to the water as more flow can circulate in our lives.

FIRE is attributed to transformational power and it is about our desires. It has a strong generative energy to make our dreams come true.

AIR is associated with the breath of life and it symbolizes the communication of our own truth and to respect the others’ one as well.


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