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Modern Dance Teacher

Embody your Mind

This is the time to engage more your body, to connect deeply with it through movement and breathing technique.

All your thoughts and perceptions are going to be felt in the body, important shifts will occur and new pathways will be created thanks to body awareness and the movement.​

What is going on with you right now?

  • You struggle with different aspects of your life;

  • You feel unrest and / or dissatisfaction;

  • You long for more relaxation, enjoyment and happiness;

  • You need to learn how to cope with stress.

You perhaps already know the reasons why but it is still a struggle to make a change in your behavioural patterns. It is time to engage your whole body and not only the mind to learn new ways of approaching life.

Through the years I realized how the body and the mind are interconnected and this “being whole” is a unified expression of all that we think, feel, perceive, and express. I would like to encourage you to become the source of your own information by contacting the body through stillness and movement.

When you connect to the body you become more in the present moment, from this point you can become more confident to know what you want, how you are and make decisions accordingly.

How you actually are, in action, attitude, and the way you relate to others, is the basis for experiential learning. If you embody your ideas and your opinions, you can participate more deeply in who you are and who you may become.

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