Life Alignment & Energy Healing

Remotely Treatments or in my Studio

Life Alignment is a energy healing system which use kinesiology (muscle test) to find the issues that you need to work on. Through the visualization of your own choices and the connection of higher level of consciousness there will be a re-patterning of your nervous system, more clarity of what was holding you back and an increased feeling of empowerment to love yourself. Nevertheless everyone grew up with beliefs about oneself and the old patterns kept playing in one`s life, therefore I always advice to have few coaching sessions as you might need to train your brain and the body to a new behavioral pattern.

Personally speaking, Life Alignment helped me to become aware of my old patterns, the belief systems of my own culture and my family, and allow me to make a shift on neurological level by connecting myself to a more spiritual path. 

In addition to Life Alignment during the session I help my clients to have a real experience to understand old patterns, to make concrete choices and visualize the desired outcomes, through Positive Psychology, Being in Movement®, Visualization techniques, Conscious Movement,  breathing techniques and meditation like Focusing.

When I was a massage therapist, I realized over the time that I could not only work on a physical level with my clients to release the tension and stress but also on energetic and mental level. I discovered that Life Alignment and Focusing can help to transform the emotional blockages and the old patterns that might have an impact on the physical level as well. Therefore I decided to deepen my knowledge also on the energetic medicine.

The combination of these two approaches help you to harmonize many aspects of your life.

This method provides a profound change through identifying the cause of emotional imbalances and give the right space and aknowledge what it is present and wants to be "seen" and "listened to".

This approach combined with Existential Life Coaching and Embodied Mind Training help to find your inner source by becoming aware of your belief systems and give to yourself what you really need.

What to expect during a session

After the "Clear the Space" technique to become more present and more in contact with your body, I will guide you in a personal journey to find your answers in what is effecting your life. When a deep connection has been made, the real emotional transformation starts and it is very important to connect to those feelings which may emerge. During your journey you might need to visualize, make choices, take responsibility, release and/or receive specific frequency of vibration (energy). Once the change is integrated on a cellular level, new body sensations are felt and you allow yourself to go deeper on a relaxation state.

You are your body and you know all the answers

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