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Ecstatic Dance is dancing the way you want it: together or alone, beautiful or ugly. Ecstatic Dance is about losing yourself in the dance. Completely immersed in the movement and the music. We do this without alcohol or drugs, without talking on the dance floor, and barefoot.
Ecstatic Dance is for everyone, regardless of age, culture, or dance experience. What is important is that you come with an openness and willingness to get yourself moving. The rest will follow naturally.

Together with my colleagues Fabio Freddi & Francesco Santini, we set off on a journey to discover ourselves through contact with natural elements, first metal and then the four fundamental elements of nature (earth, water, fire and air).

The symbology of the four constituent elements of Nature is present in all the major traditions of the planet, western and eastern, often with a "fifth element" that harmonizes them. All these elements exist within us and move the creation-preservation-destruction dynamics of the universe.

In each meeting we will know an element, starting with a dynamic BioTransEnergetica meditation, to continue with the celebration of the conscious dance of Ecstatic Dance and closure the event with a meditation.
In the first BioTransEnergetica meditation we will contact the element by incorporating the strength of the archetype, according to the Afro-Brazilian shamanic tradition.
We will then celebrate the element, through Ecstatic Dance, the new way of experiencing music and freedom, knowing oneself and the space around it, freeing energy, expressing oneself freely.
The final part will allow each of us to resume contact with their body and breath after free and expressive dance. A moment to notice the change and become aware of yourself

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