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Ecstatic Dance is dancing the way you want it: together or alone, beautiful or ugly. Ecstatic Dance is about losing yourself in the dance. Completely immersed in the movement and the music. We do this without alcohol or drugs, without talking on the dance floor, and barefoot.
Ecstatic Dance is for everyone, regardless of age, culture, or dance experience. What is important is that you come with an openness and willingness to get yourself moving. The rest will follow naturally.


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Butoh Dance

I would like to share my personal experience of Butoh Dance and I had my first workshop in August 2020 in Italy.

Personally speaking, it was a magical and deep experience, we worked with the images and allow our body to move, without forcing but allowing. To my senses I allow a force bigger than myself to be moved, something inside me shifted, my way of dancing changed especially for the more slow tempo, it seems for me a good way to deal with my emotions (I am a scorpio), to express them, to allow them to be without being taken away from the reality, and also to be taken "seriously" and simply releasing the energy but being with it.