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Sweet Dreams Meditation

I was often told that my voice allows to go deeper into the meditation and it makes people feel very relaxed, therefore I think it is time to help to fall asleep!


I will offer guided meditation every Monday evening at 22.00 (10pm CET) via Facebook and Instagram Live


You do not need to sign up, just simply show up by visiting my pages:

Facebook & Instagram


One week I will guide you in English language and the week after in Italian. As it is not so important to understand, I suggest to join in spite of the language as the vibration of the words will help anyway to feel relaxed.


There is no fee so feel free to join and I also kindly ask for a donation if possible according to your income.


Bank transfer (free of charge)


Name: Colombano Bodymindwork


The meditation will be always available my social media so remember to check my profile on IG and FB whenever you feel the need to relax.

I look forward to sharing an energy field together to increase the vibrations in ourselves and around us.