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All about Nutrition

In the last few years I was so busy to deepen my understanding about emotions, our behavior towards life events and what actually energy healing means that I completely forgot that there are also many physical causes that make us feel tired or weak!

The lack of vitamins or mineral salts can really have an impact on our daily life too and last week I consulted this fantastic book after a long time! Now I am taking care of myself also with proper intake of food to increase the level of iron and vitamin B12 and C (these vitamins help the absorption of the iron) but what I find even more interesting is how I found it out.

I was laying down on my bed, resting and attuning into my body and see what I really need to get better. And BOOOOOMMMM an image of my mother telling me that I should take the iron supplement as prescribed by the family doctor! I was 12 or 13 years old w