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Conscious Dance

Since I am more aware of myself and what holds me back from fully expressing myself, dancing is an important activity in my life. I simply dance everywhere, like in a supermarket or even on my bike.

If the music is there and if I let myself go, I am moved by the rhythms of life.

I learned how my body is and how it moves through practices like Qi-gong, Tai Chi, Taikiken and quite some inner work, via Taoism and Buddhism meditation, breathing techniques, Life Alignment and Focusing. My body became more open for new movements and psychologically I was not refraining myself anymore and I started to dare... and the Dance finally came into my life.

To my mind Conscious Dance is a wonderful way to become fully aware of yourself in different level and it gives the opportunity to connect to other people. I usually start with slow movements to tune with what`s going on with me in that specific moment. I notice the feeling and physical pain and I move with them, allowing the transformation and finally to feel the joy! The joy of being alive, the joy of being myself!

Right now I have just realized how difficult is to describe what dancing is for me, I guess I will keep it for myself... hope to meet you on the dance floor one day, the body language and the connection will you the insights that I cannot express with words!

Personally I am keen of Dance Dojo class, it seems to be in a family, a community with heartful people who share the same passion: be in touch with our inner worlds and connect with the beautiful beings on the dance floor.

Every time there is something new to learn thanks to the somatic exercises, aikido movement and body awareness.

Another great opportunities to dance are Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam and Dancing in Her Flames

Drawing is made by Karol, a talented illustrator from Leeds

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