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Discover your inner voice through moving into a dance!

During a insightful and fun Conscious Dance workshop with Rimke Pepers and Leon Beckx, I was amazed by an exercise that involved sharing few stories to another person and then dance with them.

As concerns the question of what strange was or happened during the workshop I had not a real opinion, as I could not label nothing strange or weird.

Therefore I was very open to whatever wanted or needed to be manifested in my dance.

I grounded and I fully trusted myself, i.e. I would have moved somehow!

I slowly started feeling a kind of frustration, resentment and anger, I was dancing in a very strange way but I allowed myself to move without judgment. All the sudden I "heard"an internal voice like a bubble of air in the water coming to the surface and wondering why I was keeping so much anger with me. Right after that insight, my dance changed releasing that sensation and another question came, something like: "Why are you doing such a workshop? the gender role does not really exist".

It is so true! We created the concept of gender roles, we are all equal and each of us is unique and different but the feminine and masculine do not really exist as we know, because we labeled ourselves in this way.

I kept moving and dancing, I felt that it was not the end yet and the last insight came, the message was clear: "this is life! just have fun with it and enjoy fully"

Such a relief! It does not mean that I should not care of the topic of the gender roles but the attitude towards myself and others can be different, more loving and empathic. Even if we created the concept by putting labels, it is still very important to educate people towards a more open mind and compassionate society!

This was my first time that I spontaneously combined Focusing and Dancing and I feel this is the right path to follow. It came everything so natural therefore I could trust these insights immediately without any doubt!

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