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Life & Death

In November 2017 my father decided to leave this world and since then I am in a deep process of life and I would like to share what I have just found in my laptop.

A little introduction first. Thanks to my beloved friend Thelki, I discovered that my animal guide is the Eagle, according to the shamanic medicine. She also explained me how to go to the lower world with my animal guide in a meditative state.

I am a skeptical personal by nature, but luckily I am also very open to the unknown therefore I need to experience myself whether it works or not.

During the year, I played with it and I was amazed how much wisdom the unconscious can bring.

The beginning of the trip is very often the same: it is sunset and I fly on the top or together with the eagle. We usually see a cliff touched by the calm sea water, then we enter into a tree hole. All the sudden I am in the space with stars and planets, we float there for a while and and magically we enter into a black hole.

And the story I want to share is this one:

The transformation

We start walking through a forest with high trees and life is everywhere: colorful flowers, insects of different kind and the green leaves give us a bit of shadow from the sun.