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Waves of Knowledge

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

By seeing the world with different eyes, I have just discovered that a small mountain is in my living room.

Small rivers are going down from the top to the feet, shaping that mountain into a beautiful human being. He is in peace: the mild bends of the rivers, interlacing in different points of the body, gives a feeling of fluidity.

There is continuity,

There is a flow.

That feeling of peace is allowed by the presence that is emitted in all directions: it radiates strength and courage in a subtle way. It does not dominate the space around him with strong power, rather it enhances the trust in myself, that I can achieve what I think it is important by just being.

Next to the red “mountain human”, green antennas are growing from the soil, going up to catch the waves in the air. Pink and while bells are ringing when a message wants to go to my ears and bring the music from the sky.

Can I hear?

Or even better Can I really listen to the magical sound of that music?