All what I learned and experienced myself and my warmth nature is what I offer during my coaching and bodywork sessions.

I want to help you to deal with the stress and the changes in your life, the struggle to find the balance, and I will guide you to discover a new way of living and loving.

I have been living in The Netherlands for long time and I know exactly the struggle of being a foreigner in a country far away from home and the time, energy and effort to know, to understand and to accept a culture which is quite different than mine.
These years have been a journey mixed with love and hate, and I could overcome the negative aspects and bring more balance in my life through a personal work, a cocktail of movement and meditation.

When I started smiling more to the Dutch people, I noticed that they could smile back!
This was a revelation, because I became aware that my perceptions were constructing my environment, my life and my interpretation of any experience.

To my mind integration in The Netherlands means being myself in an environment which is pretty different than my home country, it is not about trying to be Dutch or neglecting my Italian roots but learning from both cultures. This new view of my life brings me to incorporate what I learned from the Dutch (e.g. being more direct in my communication style or sharing my point of view without being afraid of judgement or being careful of not hurting someone) and to share the warmth that my native culture taught me, the love of caring for the others.

I would like to share my bio very briefly.

After university I worked for two big Dutch corporate (KLM and DSM) and I am very aware of all the problems that “office people” have: stress to perform within the parameters and deliver before the deadline, the hard work to complete the assigned tasks, the patience needed and the frustration to work in an international environment and ultimately the feeling of burn-out.
Now I am a freelance and the stress has a different “taste” but life can still be felt as stressful.


Stress is part of our society
it is not a problem itself
we simply need to learn how to cope with it.

It is a matter of choice.


During my burn-out period, I started attending a course of Taoism meditation and Qi-gong exercises with Mattijs van Katwijk as Vinyasa Yoga was not enough to recharge the “energy battery” of my body although it was good for my back pain. Then I studied Tai-chi and Qi-gong with Mark Sluijter and these disciplines showed me a new way of seeing and feeling my body, a new relationship with myself and discover how much I can recover from illness or depression through slow movement and breath.

Once moved to Amsterdam, I got in touch with Taikiken and Ba Duan Jin and thanks to Ron & Nadja I discovered the gentle but powerful force of nature and bring out my fire, my inner warrior!  

And then I started moving more and the joy of dancing came back into my life. A discovery thanks to 5Rhythms classes of Mirjam&Jup, Conscious Dance with Leon Beckx who includes Somatic Movement, free Dance and Aikido in his classes, Amerta Movement, Open Floor, Ecstatic Dance, Skinner Release techniques and dancing anywhere!

During the years due to my curiosity for my own profession as massage therapist and to keep my health in balance, I regularly got treatment like Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Thai Massage, Trager Treatment, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranio Sacral, Trauma Release Exercises, etc.
As trauma is stored in our muscles, bodywork could definitely initiate the healing process. A process which needs to be incorporated with a mind work.

As I wanted to understand myself better and reprogram my brain, to change the patterns and my belief systems, I deepen my knowledge and I got curious on energy healing and I studied Life Alignment, which is a system that operates energetically on the subtle bodies. Then I have been training with several teachers of Focusing technique to learn how to listen to my body and get answers through a deep "listening". At the beginning of 2018 I completed the course of Existential Well-Being Counseling: a person-centered experiential approach, an online course at KU Leuven University and I got a Life Coach degree.

I am very passionate of body awareness and movement and thanks to a workshop with Paul Linden I realized how the body can react on specific situations. I often combine his approach in my everyday life.

At the moment, I am in a very interesting process: I try to be fully with my emotions without feeding them with my thoughts and going into the stories. It is beautiful to connect to myself without being overwhelmed and loose the balance: the time that I spend between feeling something negative and being grounded and aligned becomes shorter and shorter.
I think that it is such an amazing way to live that I am sharing it with everyone!

In October 2018 I started a course of Counseling and Playback Theatre in Turin (Italy) to expand my understanding of Therapeutic Theatre and Group Dynamics. This approach is called Experiential, where you can learn by having specific experiences, through engaging the body and visualizations. In 2018 I already got in touch with this new way of learning thanks to a training with Diversity Joy in Amsterdam.

If you wish to know even more about my studies, please revert to my previous website TherapeuticMassage

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