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All what I learned and experienced myself and my warmth nature is what I offer during my coaching and bodywork sessions.

I want to help you to deal with the stress and the changes in your life, the struggle to find the balance, and I will guide you to discover a new way of living and loving.

I am Italian woman, coming from a collective society, and living in The Netherlands since a long time which is a more individualist society. Both kind of societies taught me so much and because they are so different, I have been living in a kind of internal conflict for years.

In order to be accepted, I have been navigating between two ways of living, relating to each other and with oneself, getting lost very often and not knowing exactly who I am.


It took long time to be gentler towards myself and acknowledge my uniqueness.


I have been a sensitive person since my childhood however only in the last few years I was able to see this quality of mine and appreciate this aspect of my personality. I always felt a bit different than others and I did not know why!


Dancing and expressing my e-motions, being in Nature and taking time to reflect on myself and my cultural/family background helped me to get in touch with my REAL ME.

The connection with my roots close to the mountains the Alps enhance my quality of sense the energies in a space and be a vessel of pure love during my body oriented coaching sessions and massages. Gentleness, softness and a bit of fun are aspects that I offer in any session. I think it is important to laugh and to move mindfully as it helps you to sense life in a lighter way where anything is possible if you just believe in it.

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Ms Roberta Kasha Colombano located in Amsterdam

and in Fossano, Italy

Online worldwide service

+31 (0) 638225160

+39 331 7101010

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