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Body Journey

Your body is the anchor in your life, it gives the support to live and to explore life.

If you listen  carefully, with patience and from a caring perspective you will unlock your energy, you will feel more confident in yourself and you will trust your intuition fully.

The Body Journey is a somatic approach to body&mind where you will feel more grounded and become more aware of you as individual. If you feel disconnected and lost or having difficulties to set your boundaries, a combination of the methodologies described below will help you to feel more empowered and to understand what's the best for you.

I recommend to book a package to dive into your body and sense a real shift in yourself! However it is also possible to book one session only to decide if you like to commit fully on this journey.

If you do not know which decision to make just give me a call or send a message.

I am happy to reply to any questions you might have!

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