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Somatic Bodywork

It is a combination of Focusing technique to allow a deeper connection with yourself and listen your body in a new way. It concerns subtle shift in someone's essence which can help to relief physical or emotional pain. The touch helps me to guide you as I can sense where you need some support or more trust to let go, and it helps you to feel safe.

The interaction between us and the environment is the starting point to create a healing field where we can safely explore your inner world. Here we work with the Whole Body which means you learn how to sense the energetic, physical, environmental, relational and spiritual body.

The Somatic Bodywork is a technique related to the Embody your Mind approach where your own presence becomes a way to better understand who you are and what you want.


I integrate the knowledge and the experience of Somatic Bodywork with the Pantarei Approach school in Berlin. 

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