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Imaginary Dance

 Imagines can trigger qualities in you, they can remind you of some previous experience therefore we can tune into the quality and sense in your body.

Soon I will offer a series of 4 lessons where you will explore these qualities by allowing the energy of the images to let you move in your own authentic way, by following your impulses and what the image brings to you.

Every dance is going to be unique, there is no leader nor followers, we will be together in the same field.

In other similar training of dancing with images, I often asked myself if these qualities come from inside me or I receive the energy from the outside world. I came to a conclusion that the answer is "both", it is a continuous exchange of energies in & out.

This is my personal experience and what's yours?

Write a message as I am curious to know more about your experience and if you have never danced this course is suitable also for you.  

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