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Spiritual Connection

Slowing down enables you to feel the unique support that is constantly present in the planet Earth. When you are aware of this connection, any struggle will be easy to handle, any change will be seen as an opportunity to have fun, to grow, to become more authentic.

What does it mean Spiritual Connection? It is an embodied experience of what is invisible to our eyes but yet very present. Through more relaxation and calmness in yourself, you will sense the tangible presence of something big and made of the same substance as you. The borders of your physical body will disappear to be able to sense the support to guide you in this life.  

  • Life Alignment

    The energy healing system called Life Alignment helps you to become aware of family patterns and belief system that hold you back to grow fully as a person.

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  • WholeBody Focusing

    Whole Body Focusing is a technique to get in touch with your emotions and body sensations to make subtle shifts in the way you perceive yourself and the others.

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  • Guided Meditation

    It is a meditation to activate the chakras through images. You are able to enter to a different dimension and to open up your energy vortexes.

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  • Imaginery Dance

    You embody the energies through a guided visualization dance, to explore the possibilities to bring up the qualities and  allow any impulse to guide you in the movement.

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I recommend to book a package to dive into your body and sense a real shift in yourself! However it is also possible to book one session only to decide if you like to commit fully on this journey.

If you do not know which decision to make just give me a call or send a message.

I am happy to reply to any questions you might have!

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