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Team Building

I prepare custom made workshops based on the needs of the organization.

My approach is the Experiential Learning methodology which help people to learn thanks to a series of exercises and games, self-reflection questions and sharing in the group.

I facilitate Team Building sessions & Workshops for private and public organizations and my  mission is to give my support to improve the level of connection, communication and collaboration among the team members and to explore, expand and improve the team members personal development. I use a set of Coaching Techniques and Team Building Exercises that stimulates the creative thinking of the team, self-reflection and encourages a collective vision for the team.


My trainings deliver the following beneficial effects to the teams:


  • Promote individual self awareness and team-awareness;

  • Encourage personal and team development;

  • Improve the level of connection and collaboration among team members;

  • Build a collective positive vision for the team;

  • Set realistic and obtainable goals and actions for the team.



Embody your Mind for Teams.

Through the years I realized how the body and the mind are interconnected and this “being whole” is a unified expression of all that we think, feel, perceive, and express.

To my mind, learning  to be respectful in any kind of relationship, especially if you work in a team with diversity, different cultures and languages, it is a very important aspect to take into account to have collaborative people.

This workshop incorporates a series of grounding, breathing exercises & conscious movement with the Experiential Learning approach. It helps to learn few tools how to release the stress and how to  become aware of the body signals of poor health.

It stimulates the sharing among the members of the team to understand how emotions and how to express them in a holistic way. 

This approach allows the employees to understand and to know each other better, build up more acceptance and it stimulate the cooperation.


The Embody your Mind is one of the service I offer also as one-to-one coaching, together with the Existential Life Coaching.

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