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Eva Ugolini

Yoga Teacher

Roberta is a brilliant, experienced and very empathic therapist. She has the rare capacity to work on different levels, from the gross to the subtle, to sense exactly what you need at that very moment and let you to surrender into her caring hands.  It's beautiful the way she is able to become a tool for you to deeply connect within yourself and find a sense of grounding and lightness on physical, mental and emotional level.  Receiving a massage from her is just a wonderful experience!


Edite Dos Santos

Reflexology Therapist

Roberta is a very gentle teacher, you just get 'zen' naturally by being in her chakra class. She connects with the group energy, listens what we as a group need and that enroles in an almost costume made teaching class, but this without loosing her own class routine/programme. It is all very in sync and that has a great effect on our going along well with eachother as a group. Looking forward to start a new season with her


Linda Hogeweg

Grafic Designer 

The whole treatment was a beautiful experience. The life alignment treatment gave me an opportunity to discover fears and unsolved emotions. Roberta did a great job in guiding me through the journey inside. Afterward I felt more sensitive and open to energy. Together with other spiritual practice things in life make more sense, falling into a place and fitting into a bigger picture. Thanks you Roberta for this gift.

You can read more testimonials on my previous website Therapeutic Massage and on Facebook


Roberta Celli

Product Manager

I am an expat and I always struggle to feel good in this country, Roberta could support me in this process thanks to her skills as coach! She is a good listener and she could guide me to understand my needs, my values in life, and especially how to take care of myself! she genuinely wanted me to become self efficient and not becoming dependent on her coaching sessions, she gave me the trust that I could manage in my life, it was a gift that I am grateful for. Thanks Roberta!


Natasha Bambo

Theatre Performer & Teacher

It was a great experience to do the Chakra Harmony course. Roberta has a lovely way of facilitating the group of participants. It was nice to experience her expertise in this area along with the skilful blending of a sense of trust she had in the participants as they discovered and acknowledged the value of their personal experiences in the sessions, and in their lives. AND, via an online platform! I was pleased that I could have an experience that felt like I was in the same room as everyone involved. Thank you, Roberta, and thanks to the rest of the group members whom I met.


Ada Yohanna

Reiki and Breathwork Therapist

Roberta is a beautiful soul, gifted and skilled massagist. She listened carefully to my complaints and gave me a gentle back and belly massage, which helped to relieve my chronic muscle pain and to relax my body & mind. After the treatment, I felt extremely relaxed, happy, connected to my body and grateful. Thank you, grazie, obrigada, Roberta!

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